We are passionate about putting people first and involving our customers at every opportunity. Our Customer Voice Promise says we will value, listen to and act upon your feedback. Your feedback plays a big role to help improve our services. By understanding where we need to improve, we can really focus on tackling these areas and make a lasting difference.

Each of our landlord groups works with local customer involvement groups and scrutiny panels. Customers from all of the landlord groups represent views at our National Customer Group. We bring all of that feedback together into our Service Improvement hub so we can see what we are doing well, and how we can improve. 

 We gather your feedback through:

From your feedback, we have identified areas you feel improvements can be made. Here’s how your feedback is making a difference:

You Said

We did


It’s important we learn from complaints and change the way we provide services to you.

We set up a service improvement group. The group meets monthly to see if there are changes we can make to benefit our customers.


You’d like to be able to provide your own records when making a complaint.

We changed our complaint acknowledgement letter to help you do this.


You’d like a variety of opportunities to get involved and have your say.

We created a National Customer Group and have created lots of ways you can get involved with us. Please click here for more information.


Our Independent Complaints Panel thought more information about planned maintenance to your home would be useful.

We have improved the information we provide to customers so they know what to expect.

Agreed and with our customer reading panel.

You’d like clearer guidance on how we manage fly tipping

We worked with our Customer Reading Panel and will update our website.


You’d like us to review our formula for maintenance reserve payments (Rowan Court Leaseholders, Cotman Housing).

We amended the formula and adjusted payments.


It would be helpful to improve communication with you when there is an incident such as a leak in your home, or a neighbour’s home.

We make sure we contact all customers who may be affected by an incident.


It’s important we are clear on the expectation of contractors working in your home.

We created a RESPECT standard for our contractors to follow.

Agreed with our customer reading panel.

Improve information received by customers at the start of their tenancy.

The information customers receiving when starting a new tenancy with us has been reviewed and revised.



Changes have been endorsed by customers, through our scrutiny panels.

Give a single point of contact for our customers in supported housing when ending their tenancy ends.

We amended our process to ensure customers at the end of their tenancy, are allocated a single point of contact, to support them through the process.


Update our websites and improve the ways customers can access information digitally.

All the landlords in our Group have updated websites and we introduced a new customer portal.



The websites were reviewed by the National Customer Group and there is a wider project to keep improving.