Update: Following Government Guidelines released on 21 May 2020, we have made the decision to begin processing mutual exchange applications.

We are using the government guidance on safe working and adapting our ways of working to make sure we keep you and our colleagues as safe as possible from the spread of coronavirus.

We will only allow mutual exchanges to take place where it is safe to do so by all parties.

We recommend that you do not physically visit the property you wish to exchange with unless all parties are following the social distancing guidelines.

If you or the person you are exchanging with are self-isolating, you should inform us to allow any appointments, including the exchange itself to be rearranged.

If you are shielding, we would recommend that the mutual exchange is not progressed until such time as the restrictions have been amended.

Please note we may not be able to process all cases if the other landlord is currently unable to progress a mutual exchange request.

Last updated 02/06/2020

You'll need written permission from us before you exchange. Contact the Lettings Team to ask whether you have the right to exchange your home.

In most cases:

  • Secure and assured residents have the right to exchange homes
  • Assured short-hold residents and some residents occupying purpose-built units do not have the right to exchange 
  • There may also be certain limitations for supported housing residents.

You'll need written permission from us before you exchange.

We can refuse permission in certain circumstances; for example if you have rent arrears or your property is in poor condition.

What you need to do

Once you've found another resident and you're both happy with each other's property:

  • You need write to us and ask permission to exchange
  • We'll send you an application form to complete and send back
  • A member of the Lettings Team will telephone you to arrange a virtual Inspection.

We'll need to check some details before agreeing to the exchange. These include:

  • The size of the household you wish to exchange with
  • Your rent account - this must be clear and there should be no possession order on your home
  • The condition of your home.

We'll let you know in writing if the above checks are satisfactory and both landlords agree to the exchange. You and the other resident will need to sign important documents electronically before moving.

Make sure you:

  • Arrange a virtual viewing of the other property
  • Find out whether the other resident intends to take any fittings they've put in, such as kitchen units, fireplaces or heaters.

Our conditions will apply to the resident you're planning to exchange homes with. We may complete a virtual visit to their property. We won't:

  • Correct any damage caused by the resident
  • Accept responsibility for replacing any fittings they've taken
  • Put back to their original state any non-standard alterations that have been done
  • Do any internal redecoration, including any damage caused by removal of fittings.

Both residents are responsible for making sure they leave their properties in a safe condition. You will not be entitled to compensation for any improvements you have made to your property.

Your rights

You'll normally keep similar tenancy rights if:

  • You exchange with another Places for People resident
  • You exchange with a resident with the same type of landlord - such as a housing association - and you both have the same type of tenancy.

You will need to check that you have the same type of tenancy agreement.

Secure tenancy agreements may offer more rights and lower rents than assured tenancy agreements. You should never consider exchanging with someone who only has a license agreement or short-hold assured tenancy.


Want to transfer?

Contact our Lettings team who will be happy to help and talk through the options available to you.

Due to our temporary office closure, all calls are being diverted to our national Customer Service Centre.

You can contact the team on 01772 677075.

Email: lettings@cotman-housing.org.uk