We are passionate about putting people first and involving our customers at every opportunity. That's why we're creating more ways for you to get involved and tell us what you think about our services, policies and processes.  There are so many different ways you can get involved with us.

We invite customers to join our new national and local panels.

By volunteering to become an involved customer, you will join others from across the country to represent customer views on issues like fire safety, involvement and complaints.

As an involved customer, you will:

  • Help make real improvements to our services
  • Make a difference in your community
  • Increase your confidence and learn new skills
  • Get support with your IT skills
  • Have access to Tenant Participation Advisory Service seminars
  • Take part in report writing, presenting or public speaking
  • Have any out-of-pocket expenses covered.

Are you interested in finding out more?

We recommend joining a maximum of three groups.

Find out more about the groups you're interested in by clicking on the relevant buttons below.

Are you interested in finding out more?

Find out about how you can be involved
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National Customer Group

Our National Customer Group (NCG) will strengthen governance and make sure all our customers have an opportunity to be involved.

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Local Customer Scrutiny Panels   

 Local Customer Scrutiny Panels are responsible for examining and scrutinising various services such as Customer Services, Neighbourhood Services and Maintenance.

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The National Building Safety Group

Helping customers understand the part they play in keeping themselves and their neighbours safe will play a vital role for this Group.

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The Policy, Process and Procedure Group

The Policy, Process and Procedure group will help review policies, processes and procedures.

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Resident Associations

Resident Associations are a great way to get involved and are a formal group of people who live in a neighbourhood and decide that they want to get together to discuss concerns that affect their local community.

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Youth Voice Group

The Youth Voice Group is about making the voice of 16-30-year-olds heard and sharing your experiences to improve our services.

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Independent Complaints Panel (ICP)

 The ICP help to mediate an outcome between the landlord and complainant.

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Local Customer Groups

You could influence the decisions made local to you. Opportunities to make a difference will vary from attending regular meetings to answering an email survey.

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Retirement Living Panel

The role of the Retirement Living Panel is to assess the performance and delivery of key services, identifying areas for improvement and highlighting aspects of good practice within the retirement living area of Places for People.

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Reading Panel

The role of the Reading Panel is to read and review documents from a customer's point of view. The Reading Panel check that the publications, documents, leaflets, and correspondence that we produce are clear and easy to understand. This can do be done from home and by either email or by post. 

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We need you! 

We are recruiting for our brand-new customer involvement groups, making a difference in the lives of you and your neighbours.