When you become a Cotman customer, you agree not to cause nuisance, distress, annoyance, or harassment to neighbours. You are also responsible for the behaviour of all members of your household and any visitors.

We define anti-social behaviour as an activity which has a negative impact on other people and interferes with people's rights to live peacefully in their homes and surrounding areas.

Different people are distressed or alarmed by different types of behaviour and activity. We will not always get involved in everything that is reported to us as causing a nuisance. We have no enforcement powers to deal with areas that amount to clashes of lifestyle, such as children playing in private gardens or ordinary domestic noise.  

Report anti-social behaviour

Report issues to our Housing Operations Team.

You can contact them by email housing@cotman-housing.org.uk or phone 01772 667075.

We investigate all reports of anti-social behaviour. If you are reporting something that we don't consider to be anti-social behaviour, such as general household noise, we will give advice and consider mediation, but will not open an anti-social behaviour case.

Response times

We aim to respond to reports of anti-social behaviour quickly. We will:

  • Get back to you within 1 working day if you report serious anti-social behaviour or harassment, for example where violence, including domestic abuse and hate crime, is involved
  • Respond to other anti-social behaviour or harassment complaints within 3 working days
  • Keep you informed during our investigations
  • Take appropriate action on a case-by-case basis
  • Let you know the outcome

How we can help

We support all victims of anti-social behaviour. If the problem is being caused by one of our tenants, we may:

  • Issue verbal and written warnings
  • Make referrals to mediation services
  • Set up Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs)
  • Consider legal action or eviction if we cannot resolve the problem in any other way
  • We will work with the council, the police and other agencies
  • We can also work with other landlords and the Council if the person causing the problem is not our tenant

You should always report serious anti-social or criminal behaviour to the police. Or you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


Harassment causes alarm and distress. It's usually more deliberate and targeted than anti-social behaviour. We take any form of harassment very seriously and will investigate any reports. Contact our Housing Operations Team on 01772 667075 or housing@cotman-housing.org.uk

Noise nuisance

Try speaking to your neighbour first. Sometimes people don't realise how much noise they are making. They might not even realise they are causing a nuisance to others. If you are concerned or would like some advice about how to approach your neighbour, please contact our Housing Operations Team who are happy to give advice. If after you have spoken to your neighbour things don't improve, let our Housing Operations Team know.

Some councils have a quick response out-of-hours noise team. They can issue fines if noise is at an unacceptable level. They can also confiscate equipment like stereos if things don't improve.

You can also call the police about anti-social noise. 

Drug dealing

Drug dealing is a serious crime. You should report it immediately to the police and our Housing Operations Team. Or if you want to remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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