Give notice

You'll need to give us 4 weeks written notice before you want to move out. This notice must end on a Monday. Send a notice letter to your local office and call us for any advice or information you need. The notice must be signed.

Return your keys

You'll need to return all keys - including all meter box, outhouse and shed keys - to the Norwich office before 12 noon on the day you leave. We'll charge you rent until we've got all the keys to the property. If you are posting the keys, please include a note giving the property address.  

Leave the property tidy

Where appropriate, we will make an appointment with you to visit before you move out or contact you by phone. We'll also offer advice on how to leave the property clean, tidy and in a good condition. If the property has not been left in a good condition, you will receive a bill with the rechargeable costs. You should also:

  • Remove all furniture, carpets and things from your shed and garage (unless otherwise agreed)
  • Leave all internal fittings such as doors, fires, light sockets and cooker points
  • Ensure that nobody is living in your home when you move out. If there is they will be evicted and you'll be charged for our legal costs.

We're a green organisation and encourage recycling of furniture wherever possible. Try contacting your local charity shop as they may take unwanted furniture. We may be able to put you in touch with someone. You can also ring the council refuse department and ask them to take away any rubbish or unwanted items. We'll charge you if you leave anything in the property or garden.

Tell your suppliers

Give notice to your gas, water and electricity providers. Make arrangements for final meter readings and payments. You should also:

  • Turn off all taps including the stop tap if possible
  • Inform the council tax office and the housing benefit office if you're claiming benefit.

Pay your rent

Have you paid all rent due? It may affect any housing applications if you leave without paying rent you owe.

Clearing the house if someone dies

Please tell your office if you're responsible for clearing a property when a relative or friend dies. You'll need to let us know when you'll be returning the keys - rent continues to be payable until these are handed in.

Your local office will be able to help and advise if you wish to pay any outstanding rent. Otherwise we'll claim this from the estate of the deceased.

If your friend or relative was getting housing benefit, this will end on the first Sunday after their death.

Contact us

Need more information about moving out? Give us a call on 01772 667075.

(calls from a mobile are charged at your usual tariff so will be free if you have free minutes and are within your allowance).