Cotman is supporting Domestic Violence Awareness Month which runs throughout October. Domestic Violence Awareness Month is a worldwide campaign that brings us together to help end domestic violence for good. We can all play a part by raising awareness of domestic abuse in both women and men, spotting the signs of domestic abuse and knowing who to speak to if we are concerned.


What is domestic violence and abuse?

Domestic violence or abuse is used by someone a person knows to control or take power over them. This can include physical, sexual, psychological, verbal, emotional and financial abuse.

Domestic violence or abuse can be in many different forms including coercive control, sexual violence, digital or online abuse and harassment, human trafficking and modern slavery, forced marriage, female genital mutilation and so-called ‘honour’ based violence.

If someone changes their behaviour because they are frightened of how their partner or someone within their household will react, they are being abused.


The Bright Sky app to help victims

Bright Sky is a free to download mobile app, launched by Hestia in partnership with the Vodafone Foundation. The app is cleverly disguised as a weather app and has been designed to provide support and advice for anyone who may be a victim of domestic abuse or those concerned about someone they know. The innovative features of this app can be lifesaving. Bright Sky is the only domestic abuse app that is endorsed by the Home Office, Police and NHS. You can watch a short video about it by clicking here.  

Please only download the Bright Sky app if it is safe to do so.


We provide support and advice

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse you are not alone and we can help. It’s an area that we work exceptionally hard in. We work tirelessly with local authorities, partners and survivors to offer valuable help and support where is it most needed. We want to help those at risk of domestic abuse and provide specialist support and advice to help put a stop to it.

For more information on our domestic abuse support services, please click here

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