Having digital skills and being active online provides great opportunities and benefits. You can search for information, keep in touch with friends and family, find the best priced deals, access health and other services and improve skills for work.

  • Do you or someone you know need help getting online or using the internet?

  • Would you like to learn more about how being online could benefit you?

  • Maybe you can use the internet a little but would like help to do things like how to manage your money online or use Zoom or Skype to video chat your family or friends?

  • Do you need to brush up on your own IT skills so that you can help your children to use online learning?

Get online with the help and support available to you

Support from Places for People

Home schooling during lockdown - Help and support from parents

With schools closed across the country in the latest lockdown, many parents are now balancing home schooling with work and other responsibilities. Many parents are faced with the challenge of ensuring their children stay on top of their studies during lockdown.

If you need to brush up on your own IT skills so that you can help your children to use online learning, we can arrange for parents to receive up to 6 hours of free individual support with an experienced tutor. The sessions are safe and contact free by phone and video. For more information please email inclusion@placesforpeople.co.uk.

Please contact your child’s school or nursery if you don’t have access to a device for remote home learning, as they may be able to help you. If after contacting the school or nursery, you are still struggling to access a device for your child, please email inclusion@placesforpeople.co.uk and we’ll try our best to help you.

Safe, contact free digital training

Would you benefit from one to one help from an experienced tutor to help you to get started online or make the most of the internet? We can offer our customers up to three 2 hour long, remote one to one training sessions with a qualified tutor. The sessions are safe and contact free by phone and video, open to adults of all ages and no experience is needed.

You can choose what you need to learn most for example:

  • Help setting up your device and getting started
  • How to stay in touch with family and friends online
  • Finding information online
  • Job search 
  • Online shopping
  • Online banking
  • Book a doctors appointment and order repeat prescriptions online
  • Access our online services to manage your home digitally

If you haven't got access to a device or WIFI, we may be able to support you with this.

How to book

If you would like to take part in this excellent opportunity, please contact our Digital Inclusion Officer by calling 07585765882 or by emailing inclusion@placesforpeople.co.uk.

Online learning

Learn My Way

The Good Things Foundation offer a free online course on using a computer, browsing the web, sending an email and finding work online. Places for People have a Unique Code that customers can use to register for Learn My Way. This enables us to support you in your learning. It also means you can learn at your own speed and a time that suits you best.

If you are interested in using Learn my Way please contact inclusion@placesforpeople.co.uk in order to be supplied with our Centre code.

WEA Adult Learning

WEA digital courses include beginner computer skills and courses to develop your skills in particular areas like Word, Excel or using email. We also run digital courses to get you started and active on social media and to help you make the most of your phone or tablet. All courses are open to everyone and the tutor will work with you to make sure you are able to learn what is most relevant to your particular needs.

The WEA’s digital learning platform, Canvas will be used to provide resources or to support lessons, enable assessment, provide learner feedback and for other activities for individuals away from the course. The WEA tutor will use a range of different teaching and learning methods and encourage you and the group to be actively involved in your learning. Find out more here.

Local resources and signposting

Local libraries

Offer computer facilities and internet access and can provide details of available digital courses. Many libraries offer the free learn my way course as detailed in the section below.

Local councils

Can provide details of courses for adult learners in their area.

Learn Direct

Has a network of local Centre’s offering computer-based teaching.

National resources

Age UK

For anybody over the age of 50, if their local centre doesn’t have a course on they might know where does.  They can also send out a handy internet guide called the "golden guide" free of charge if customers ring their local Age UK branch.


A free online platform for currently unemployed people to find training courses in their area.

Get involved

If you are passionate about helping others and would like to make a real difference by supporting other customers to gain digital skills, then why not sign up to become a Customer Digital Champion.

As a Digital Champion you would need to commit to helping digitally excluded customers for a couple of hours each month.

There are many benefits reported back by previous learners. 70% of digital champions reported on added skills and experience, 80% gained confidence and 81% reported getting satisfaction from helping others.

If you are a customer that regularly gets involved and might be great at this type of engagement then please email our Digital Inclusion Officer, Francesca Broxton at: digitalchampions@placesforpeople.co.uk.